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Pfizer omitted at least one vaccine trial death
(created 332 days ago)
Concerning my risk/benefit estimations, one little thing that was bugging me was that there were apparently no vaccine related deaths in any of the clinical trials. I had no evidence of misreported deaths, although that would not be surprising in view of the criminal track records of companies. . . more
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Excess deaths and the elephant in the room - Part 2
(created 604 days ago)
As discussed in Part 1, death statistics in a number of countries world-wide suggest that Covid-19 vaccines may be responsible for significant numbers of deaths. A notable exception appeared to be Switzerland, until -perhaps- the end of 2021. Weekly deaths in Switzerland (source:. . . more
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Excess deaths and the elephant in the room - Part 1
(created 618 days ago)
In Europe, in the summer of 2021, there was a definite excess mortality for all except the youngest age groups - outside of the normal range according to Euromomo.eu. The "normal range" is indicated by the grey band. At that time, the pandemic was all but gone. Excess mortality in Europe for two. . . more
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More on vaccines and the ivermectin fight
(created 856 days ago)
In my analysis of last month I found that, despite extraordinary high numbers of vaccine adverse effect and death reports, the use of mRNA Covid vaccines looks favorable for the elderly. On the other hand and unsurprisingly, I found that it looks unfavorable for healthy young people who are at very. . . more
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Covid vaccinations: risk-benefit analysis
(created 889 days ago)
A worldwide vaccination campaign is taking place that far surpasses that of the Swine flu vaccinations of 2009, it's perhaps the greatest campaign ever. Who should get a Covid-19 vaccine? In fact, how safe are those vaccines? Experts disagree about these important questions and on hindsight not all. . . more
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US 2020 elections: evidence of fraud
(created 1005 days ago)
This is "Part 2", the follow-up of my blog post of earlier this month. In that post I discussed a small selection of presented evidence that mainstream media pretended did not exist, except when it was debunked. But first: it turns out that the not-really "smoking gun" video - a video that. . . more
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US 2020 elections: widespread fraud?
(created 1026 days ago)
Last year my full attention was on Wuhan flu aka COVID-19 and I wasn't much interested in the US elections. But then, in early January after all fraud allegations had been thrown out by judges, a few senators still objected despite the risk of financial loss, see also here. That caught my. . . more
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'Experts angry about still no vitamin D advice'
(created 1062 days ago)
On Dec. 25, 2020 the Dutch newspaper AD published a striking article with claims about a simple preventive treatment against viral infections including COVID-19. The web version of that article is enriched with many useful links and, upon verification, I could find nothing wrong or biased about it.. . . more
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Ivermectin is an effective COVID-19 drug, doctors attest
(created 1070 days ago)
On the 8th of December there was "Breaking" World News: Physician Tells Senate, Ivermectin Is a COVID 'Wonder Drug;' 'If You Take It, You Will Not Get Sick' CNS News reported: In an impassioned presentation, Dr. Pierre Kory, a physician at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee, begged. . . more
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Hydroxychloroquine drug tests for COVID-19: media manipulations?
(created 1181 days ago)
A few months ago I published my blog on the COVID-19 situation and I mentioned hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir as -strongly debated- possible drugs. (Oops, I wrote there "hydrochloroquine".) In fact, it may be said that a media war was going on about hydroxychloroquine. For a while I didn't have. . . more
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Where did the new corona virus originate, and how could it happen?
(created 1209 days ago)
It is generally believed that Covid-19 originates from bats; further, it is assumed that the outbreak in Wuhan did not directly come from bats, but by means of an intermediate host, that served as a "virus reservoir" in which the virus became better adapted to infecting humans. The Chinese. . . more
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Corona virus: some useful information
(created 1305 days ago)
In the last months a lot of wrong and confusing information about the Wuhan flu, aka "COVID-19" was spread by "alt" news sites and even by mainstream news media, organizations and governments. But I won't waste time on any of that! As many countries are now ending "lock down", all of us should be. . . more
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COP25: Climate science, Politics and Big Money
(created 1446 days ago)
For the last two weeks there was COP25 in Madrid. Yearly 100 billion is intended to flow from developed countries to developing countries. COP25 is based on the UN framework convention on climate change of 1992 which says that developed country Parties and other developed Parties. . . more
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Sea level rise and NASA
(created 1491 days ago)
As mentioned in last month's blog, I now started to look into the Global Warming controversy. Most of the issues are extremely complex and hard to judge for outsiders. But when reading discussions, I stumbled on a comprehensive overview of global sea tide gauges which measure directly the rise and. . . more
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Climate: "Deniers" and "Believers"
(created 1520 days ago)
A few days ago when visiting a friend the topic of climate change came up, he thinks that it's all a big fraud. I told him that the speed of increase of CO2 is orders of magnitudes higher than ever before, and that it's beyond doubt that this affects nature in an unprecedented way. I had in mind. . . more
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Bill Browder and the European Court of Human Rights
(created 1551 days ago)
Three days ago, on 27 August, the European Court of Human Rights found the state of Russia guilty for the death of Sergei Magnitsky, whose name is known from the USA's "Magnitsky Act". The document can currently be downloaded here: CASE OF MAGNITSKIY AND OTHERS v. RUSSIA.pdf Newspapers reported the. . . more
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The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture was "blinded by propaganda"
(created 1612 days ago)
In a recent article Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture writes that it dawned on him that he had been 'blinded by propaganda', and that: 'Assange had been systematically slandered to divert attention from the crimes he exposed. Once he had been dehumanized through isolation, ridicule and. . . more
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Correct information is a matter of life and death
(created 1644 days ago)
A long time ago I apparently became "member" of Avaaz by joining one of their on-line petitions. I think it was something for preserving the environment. Last week I received an email in which Avaaz warned about disinformation ahead of the European elections:. . . more
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A first article on a difficult topic as example
(created 1673 days ago)
I'm preparing a first article which is meant to serve as an example of how we can create objective articles. It helps that I'm a total outsider, not involved with the parties and the people that are mentioned. As it's a difficult topic, full of wild accusations and mud throwing without reliable. . . more
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An amazing debate on Swiss TV
(created 1665 days ago)
In 2017, a moderated debate on Swiss TV on the reliability of the official media received more complaints than all other broadcasts together that year, because the moderator tried to discredit one of the participants. Interesting (both the topic and the incident)! The full, uncut broadcast on. . . more
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Discussion of topics to investigate
(created 1691 days ago)
It will be handy to propose and discuss topics for review on the Forum. So, where to begin? On the forum I posted a few topics that I propose as candidates for investigation. Onlookers may propose other topics in reply. Some of the topics are probably too big for a single person to handle in a. . . more
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