Terms of Service

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These terms of service are only a draft. Netiquette and intellectual honesty will certainly be expected and we will roughly apply the Wikimedia summary of terms of use (no legalistic language here!).

See also the privacy policy which is part of the terms of service.

Account creation:

You can use the registration form; note that this will create a hidden log of your IP address linked to your user name.
Instead of using that form, you can simply send an email to admin at with your preferred user name.
Please give sufficient information for the administrator to know who you are or who invited you.

If you use the registration form:

Do not send a CV. In the biography section you may simply write "I am interested to participate here" (6 words required) or indicate:

- a few books that you read / video's that you saw and/or websites that you know, or:
- some topics that you would be interested in, and/or
- some topics that you are knowledgeable about.

Welcome to InfoCheckers!