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Some initial suggestions for articles:

  • Alternative cancer therapies.
(Likely needs sub topics)
  • The fat vs. sugar debate (links to be added later)
Recently it has been claimed that not fat but sugar is bad for health; but perhaps this has already been dealt with.
  • Man-made global warming. A first wiki page has now been created .
Suggested sub topics:
- sea level rise -> Check: CO2 emissions fingerprint on sea rise
- ice melting (sea ice, land ice).
- historical temperatures (land, water) - started, partially in Check:_CO2_emissions_fingerprint_on_temperatures
- historical in and outgoing radiation measurements
- prehistorical temperatures and Milankovitch cycles
- historical and prehistorical CO2 levels - started: partially in Check: CO2 emissions fingerprint on atmospheric CO2
- ocean pH and temperature
A quick verification of the references of leaves the impression that it's biased -even misleading- but useful for its references.
Another surprising example of poor presentation of facts is on
Further, should be verified, in particular the factual reporting on the Mann "hockey stick" graph - thus McIntyre & McKitrick 2005 vs. Wahl & Ammann 2007.
  • The 2014 “revolution” [CNN] / “coup” [RT] in Ukraine
Should we believe Western or Russian propaganda? Or a bit of both perhaps?
(This is a big one, and relatively easy!)
Note: that document is important in discussions of NATO's suspected role in terrorism. However, the information in Wikipedia is clearly insufficient to enable an informed opinion.
  • The alleged continuation of German extermination policies after WII

- - implicitly denied by

Kennedy "was fatally shot by former U.S. Marine Lee Harvey Oswald". In contrast, a recent poll suggests that about half of people do not believe that assertion. This may be due to a number of books that make a strong case for a conspiracy in which Oswald was a patsy, just as he claimed.
Note: of course, this topic is held to be the "mother" of all conspiracy theories. Already for that reason it's worth scrutiny. In addition, a huge amount of formerly secret information has been released early 2018, but none of that information has not found its way into Wikipedia. The biggest problem with the available information may be that the amount of available information is enormous.
Why this topic is still relevant: thanks to the huge amount of reliable information that is now available and which does NOT agree with what most "mainstream" media still pretend, we can get valuable insight in manipulation by those media that is still going on TODAY.
Some suggested sub topics:
- Oswald's visit (or not) to Mexico just before the assassination and the role the CIA played in generating that information (that was a main topic of investigation in recently released secret papers)
- The accusation that JFK's security was purposefully abandoned
- Proof of tampering with all kinds of evidence of the shooting, for example the autopsy
As I have read a lot about that topic, I'll make a start here: Assassination_of_John_F._Kennedy. Help appreciated! Tim88 (talk) 11:11, 11 May 2019 (UTC)
  • Watergate: checking the modern literature on that topic, it now appears that it wasn't what I remember hearing about it. Interesting to check out? Enough hard data is available. Critically compare the Washington Post's claim that the "smoking gun" tape 'proved that Nixon knew about and had been involved in the cover-up of the Watergate scandal from the very start' with the there linked "smoking gun" tape itself! How many people take the time or the effort to actually verify stuff?? Apparently, very few people.
And now that guy writes another article, "How the Mueller report reminds us of Watergate". Yes it does, doesn't it?
update: Hunt's son gives a different perspective - and note 28:00-28:40 which is in direct disagreement with the Post
Compare it with this older version in the archive (totally DELETED from Wikipedia!): (see also the archived Talk page). Tim88 (talk) 11:21, 14 May 2019 (UTC)
  • “9/11” (no need to clarify!)
Some suggested sub topics:
- the collapse of both Twin towers
concerning that, I found a very nice instruction on how everyone with secondary school can calculate the collapse(!)
- the collapse of WT7
that looks weird, but much less weird when one sees for example this video.
here's an expert video according to which fire alone was NOT the cause:
(and note what appears to be an incredible blooper by NIST as revealed at 35:00 in the video!)
Update: draft report
- the finding of the passport of one of the hijackers
now that's certainly strange I would say
- what order did Dick Cheny give (a standdown order)??
  • With the 50 year moon landing anniversary, the controversy of moon landing hoax suspicions has intensified.
in particular the movies as well as American Moon, here an interview:
with counter evidence for example here:
However (and arguably) Wikipedia has a rather good although non-neutral article on this topic:
Note: the provided arguments are one-sided according to a scientific article about that issue:
  • We may also consider some of the topics and requested topics on other wiki's such as

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