Differences with Other Wikis

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Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has recently started We will consider if some of their methods are suited for implementation here. However there appear to be significant differences:
- our purpose is to critically monitor a wide range of sources and to process and assimilate information from them.
- our focus is not on "news" or quick "fact checking", but on thoroughly researched and balanced information.

Similarly, has several things in common with this incentive, such as its criticism of Wikipedia as well as its "wiki" approach. However WikiSpooks has a narrower scope and doesn't strive for a balanced presentation of facts and opinions. Wikispooks can be complemetary by means of its file uploading

And then there's the very new which similarly strives for a fair presentation of facts, but its mechanism for obtaining and maintaining balanced articles is not so clear. We may consider writing selected articles both here and on that site.

Citizendium is meant as a general replacement for Wikipedia and they implemented some form of quality control. Regretfully they demand their editors to write articles from scratch, which is rather inefficient.

Here's another, full Wikipedia replacement:
Their quality control seems to be similar to that of Wikipedia. However their aim is quite similar to that of this website, see their canon two. Some of their phrasing of rules (canons") may be good to adopt here, and it will be worthwhile to consider their articles for input, to combine with those of Wikipedia. For an example, see the forum.
And one more: which is a full Wikipedia fork, with a different purpose, but in which some deleted articles have been recovered.