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It will be handy to propose and discuss topics for review on the Forum.

So, where to begin? On the forum I posted a few topics that I propose as candidates for investigation. Onlookers may propose other topics in reply.

Some of the topics are probably too big for a single person to handle in a reasonable amount of time; for that reason I also suggest sub topics as alternative. One can imagine that in the course of several years a list of sub topics will be handled, with subsequent updates of the main topic.

As a side note, Martin's article is of general use for collaborators of this site, as it discusses tactics of information manipulation.

PS: I stumbled on this video with some good advice how to be smart about weighing information: (Sharyl Attkisson | TEDxUniversityofNevada)


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9 months ago
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Quite some interesting topics in the forum!
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[This blog post stems from February 2019]