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I'm preparing a first article which is meant to serve as an example of how we can create objective articles. It helps that I'm a total outsider, not involved with the parties and the people that are mentioned.

As it's a difficult topic, full of wild accusations and mud throwing without reliable sources, I had not included it in the list of proposed topics for inclusion. Nevertheless this author remembers noticing how "main stream" media misrepresented the topic, turning it into a bad joke; and Wikipedia hastily arrived at a verdict, telling readers what they should think of it.

In contrast, due to the lack of reliable information this article is unlikely to reach a verdict, and some readers may be unsatisfied with such a state of affairs. Perhaps Wikipedia is for simple minded people, while InfoCheckers will be for those who can do their own thinking.

PS. We may still include an opinionated "editorial" with each article, clarifying the opinion of the editors after weighing all the information.


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Together let's make information rational again!
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