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List of proposals for topics: click here

Topics may fall under several of the following categories:

- Fact checking - discuss which are the best websites

- Current affairs - debated topics that are in the news

- Society - still relevant topics that have been in the news (or should have been)

  • An article (or at least a "stub") on Pizzagate is in preparation with a double purpose:
    • at first it will serve as a simple test case and demonstration of converting two opposed articles into a single draft that should be less partisan;
    • if successful that draft could become the basis for an InfoCheckers article.

- Environment - air pollution, pesticides etc.

- Health - medicine, alternative medicine, food supplements etc.

- Science - history of science, relativity, quantum mechanics etc.

Most Wiki article pages will contain at least parts of modified text of Wikipedia pages. Those pages will generally be released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.