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This site is protected by SSH (https) and uses WikiMedia software, see for general remarks:

No third party cookies are accepted in the Wiki or in the Forum, and thus also no tracking. Blog pages may contain embedded Vimeo videos with its cookies. Apparently - and different from visiting Vimeo's website - only Vimeo's own cookies and not its third party cookies and trackers are embedded.

Everything you contribute to the wiki and the forum will be available for everyone to see, and this may be permanent.
Your IP address may be registered if you are not logged in. Passwords and email addresses are hidden inside the database, but registration forms are visible for the administrator.
You may use a temporary email address for registration and next modify your email address in your user account.
Please choose (or auto-generate) a password that you don't use elsewhere. If needed you can use the "forgot password" function to retrieve your password.
At any time you may blank your user profile with its Talk page.

Hyperlinks may connect you to other websites, you can inspect them with "mouse hover". Note also that you can block all trackers with your browser settings.

Web host privacy statement: